The Advantages of Large Format TIle

The Advantages of Large Format TIle

Sometimes, bigger is just better. Bigger portions and paychecks are both great! In fact, unless you are talking about a bigger waistline or credit card bill, size certainly can have its advantages. One product that is gaining in popularity due to its size is large format tile, which is defined as anything with one side that is larger than 15 inches. It can be found in a variety of materials, from porcelain or natural stone to wood-looking ceramic tile. Keep reading to find out why you may want to consider using large-format tiles for your next project.

Smooth Operator

Large format tiles create a smoother, more uniform surface compared to tiles of smaller sizes, mostly due to less frequent grout lines. Fewer breaks between tiles simply means less grout, and this is a really good thing, visually speaking. Grout tends to grab attention, causing your eye to pause. When you look across a floor made from large tiles, your eye sees the whole floor, rather than following the grout lines. This gives the room a cohesive look and allows the rest of your decor to shine.

The Advantages of Large Format TIle

Shiny Happy Tiles

Speaking of shining, floors made from large format tiles are simpler to clean and keep clean, again due to the infrequent grout lines, and this should make everyone happy! The surface of tiles, regardless of their material, is much easier to maintain than grout. Grout is where the stuff of life tends to collect; stains and crumbs settle there. It can also be fussy. Some types of grout need to be sealed periodically but first, they must be swept, scrubbed, treated for stains, and thoroughly dried. The less grout you have, the less you have to maintain. On the other hand, most tiles themselves are relatively low maintenance, with the exception of natural stone, and can be cleaned with your choice of basic household cleaners. Stone, while a great option for many areas, is a porous substance, and has particular needs. As with any home improvement, always check manufacturers recommendations for products that are safe for your floor.

Size Matters

Who couldn’t use more space? Since adding actual square footage can be costly and impractical, we can’t always expand our area and gain actual space. The next best thing to actually enlarging our space is making it appear larger. The cohesiveness of large format tiles can give the impression that the space is more expansive. Unless you live in a warehouse or a museum, making your space appear larger is never a bad thing!

When installed properly on floors or walls, large format tile can help create a smooth, easy-to-clean and visually appealing living space. When you are ready to tackle your tile project, or if you need a professional to help to decide if large format tile is the right choice for you, visit Rugworks. They can review options and set you up with an installer to make your tile dreams a reality!