Cork Floors

Discover the natural beauty and sustainability of cork flooring at Rugworks.

Cork Flooring Styles in Sonoma and Rohnert Park, CA

Cork flooring offers a myriad of design possibilities, from the timeless allure of natural cork's earthy tones to the modern elegance of stained and patterned options. Whether you prefer classic warmth or contemporary charm, cork will complement any space. Cork offers unique textures and visual appeal, adding a distinctive character to your home. With cork, you can personalize your space while adding style and sophistication.

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Sustainable Flooring

Cork is known for its eco-friendly attributes, making it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious. Harvested from bark, the extraction process ensures cork is a renewable and sustainable material. Choosing cork flooring not only brings natural beauty to your space but also contributes to the preservation of our environment.

Resilient Floors

The strength and resilience of cork flooring means it can easily withstand the demands of daily life. Cork's natural elasticity provides comfort underfoot and ensures long-lasting durability in high-traffic areas.