Luxury Vinyl Installation

Trust the professionals at Rugworks with your luxury vinyl flooring installation.

Professional Luxury Vinyl Installation in Sonoma and Rohnert Park, CA

While luxury vinyl flooring is DIY-friendly for many homeowners, if you prefer professional assistance or have a more complex project, you can always rely on the expertise of the professionals at Rugworks. We will handle your luxury vinyl installation carefully, ensuring a stress-free process.

Before Installation

Before your luxury vinyl flooring installation, we will ensure you know what to expect at each step of the process.

  • Clear the installation area of furniture and personal items.
  • Complete any necessary repairs or improvements to the subfloor.
  • Ensure clear pathways for installers to access the installation area.
  • We will walk you through the installation process before we begin and answer any questions you might have.
Vinyl flooring | Rugworks

During Installation

On your installation day, make sure an adult is present to answer any questions and provide access to the installation area. Arrange for children and pets to remain out of the installation area. We will work efficiently to install your luxury vinyl beautifully. Then, we'll clean the area and conduct a final walkthrough.

After Installation

You may be asked to stay off your luxury vinyl or wait to replace furniture to allow your new floors to settle. You may also need to run a fan or open a window to remove any smells associated with the installation.