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What You Need to Know About Carpet Installation Tools & Supplies

Carpet installation is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires a lot of time and expert knowledge to install a carpet correctly in any space. Installing carpet also requires specific tools to accomplish the job properly and you can’t just buy these tools from any carpet companies near me or a local big box store. Carpet, unlike hard surface, doesn’t come with how to manuals that can easily walk you through the process of a proper installation and no manufacturer will warranty their product if it is not installed by a licensed professional.

Here’s a list of some of the necessary carpet installation tools that are used for a professional carpet installation project.

  • WallTrimmer
  • Measuring Tape
  • CarpetTucker
  • Tack Strip Cutter
  • KneeKicker
  • Staple Hammer
  • TopCutter
  • Carpet Knife
  • Power Stretcher
  • Seaming Iron
  • Seam Roller

The Most Essential Carpet Installation Tools

Carpet Knife – This is a very important carpet installation tool that is essential in the carpet cutting process for installations. It is used to cut the carpet off of the roll to fit in a space accordingly. Carpet knives are extremely sharp in order to cut through the hard latex backing of traditional carpets and requires very careful handling. They are nicknamed the “Bloody Mary” for a very good reason and can be very dangerous when used irresponsibly.

Tack Strip Cutter – To hold the proper stretch of the carpet in place, tack strips are used around the perimeter of the room. This cutter is used to cut the right sized tack strips and ensure that they are located along the edge of your room. Tack strips are exactly as they sound, strips with exposed nails to hold the carpet in place and need to be handled with caution when cutting and installing to avoid punctures.

Power Stretcher – Proper stretching of a carpet into place on the tack strips is the most important aspect of a professional carpet installation. The carpet has to be stretched in a certain order in the length and width in order for the carpet to wear efficiently. If the carpet is not stretched properly, it can fail rather quickly following the installation including wrinkling and popping off the tack strips.

Seaming Iron – This essential tool is used to heat a tape under two pieces of carpet in order to seam them together. Like with a clothes iron, the carpet iron has different heat settings to be used depending on the type of carpet that is being seamed. If the proper heat setting is not used while making a seam, it can permanently warp the backing of the carpet, ruining it, and causing bubbling at the seam.

Wall Trimmer – Trimming the carpet before tucking it down along the perimeter of a space is imperative. This essential carpet installation tool is adjustable to trim the edges of the carpet to an adequate overage length to tuck it under the baseboards or to the wall. The amount of the overage length depends on the height of the gap of the baseboard, the thickness of the carpet, or if tucking to the wall itself.

There are many essential tools that are required for a carpet installation project along with the knowledge of how to use them which makes carpet inappropriate for a do-it-yourself installation. When you need help with carpet installation, you can contact the professionals at Rugworks at 707-935-0648 to learn more about our services.