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What Types of Hardwood Floors Are Best for Kids?

What Types of Hardwood Floors Are Best for Kids?

Selecting the right hardwood flooring becomes a crucial task when you have kids at home. Though we love them, we cannot deny the damage they can cause to our flooring. Water spills, food spills, scratches, coloring, crafts, you name it, they will end up on the floors.

You need a hardwood floor option that can withstand all their adventures without getting damaged.

Options of Hardwood Floors for Kids

Here are some fabulous options that are strong enough for the whole family.

  • Hickory – Did you know that this is one of the hardest domestic hardwood options? Its natural hardiness and naturally high color variation make it an excellent choice for withstanding and hiding wear and
  • Red and White Oak – This popular flooring option is another great hardwood option for your family floors. Along with its natural hardness, it also has a heavier visible grain and generally a more rustic finish to help hide minor damages.
  • Hand Scraped Flooring – Hand scraped and distressed flooring are known for their more rugged and rustic looks. This makes them an excellent choice for accidental damages due to kids and pets. Its distressed look can hide minor scratches, dents, and stains giving the floor a more of a natural
  • Medium Tone – Opting for stain or wood with medium tones can help conceal damage and dirt. If you go too light it can show more dirt and spills but if you go too dark it will show more dust and scratches. You can still find many different shades and patterns to fit your design needs.
  • Pre-finished Prefinished hardwood floors are generally covered with aluminum oxide and/or urethane layers. This layer offers additional durability to the hardwood surface. These finishes on hardwood flooring are harder to dent or scratch by kids or
  • Matte Finish – Matte finishes do not have any shine or gloss to the surface of the hardwood. This allows the wood to not only look more natural in appearance, but also helps hide scratching and denting which is often highlighted in shiny floors especially by sunlight.

Also keep in mind that no matter what type of hardwood you choose, proper and regular maintenance of your floor is also key in keeping the flooring looking great for years to come.

Selecting from so many hardwood flooring options can be quite a taxing job but using these guidelines if you have a busy family will help narrow down the options. To learn more about your options, consult our professionals for the best hardwood flooring near me at Rugworks at 707-935-0648 in Sonoma and 707-584-7847 in Rohnert Park.

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