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What to Look For in a Hardwood Floor Contractor

Hardwood flooring is known for its unique ability to add character and charm to spaces. It is available in various finishes and is easy to install and maintain. Hardwood flooring may increase home value by 3-4 percent and make a home easier to sell.

Once you have decided to install hardwood flooring, choose a flooring contractor equipped to manage your project from start to finish. Look for an experienced contractor with a proven track record of success. Ensure that the contractor you are considering has a valid license and carries insurance.

Below are a few other things to check when choosing a hardwood flooring contractor.

NWFA Certification

Before hiring a contractor for your project, check to see if they are an NWFA-certified professional. The National Wood Flooring Association, or NWFA, is a U.S.-based international not-for-profit trade association. It represents all segments of the flooring industry.

The NWFA sets industry standards. It offers certifications to reputable flooring contractors who have mastered the flooring installation process and are recognized as the best in the business. NWFA-certified contractors are committed to continuous learning and stay up to date with flooring industry trends.

Tools Used

Hardwood flooring installation can get messy. Dealing with dust and sounds produced during flooring installation can be highly frustrating. Find out if the contractor you are considering follows any special methods to handle the mess and keep disruptions to a minimum.

Check if they use specialized equipment to contain dust. Ask who is responsible for cleanup after installation. Make sure the hardwood floor contractor near you in Santa Rosa follows the NWFA’s regulations and uses specialized equipment to measure the moisture content of hardwood flooring and the relative humidity of the surrounding environment.

Feedback From Contractor References

A reputable flooring contractor will be more than happy to provide a list of references. If a contractor fails to respond to your repeated requests for a reference list, walk away. Talk to your preferred contractor’s references over the phone about their experience working with the contractor and if they would consider them in the future. Also, consider talking to a friend or neighbor who has used the service before.

Cost of Installation

Invite at least three flooring installation quotes. A flooring estimate should include a breakdown of all costs involved in the project. When comparing flooring installation estimates, consider every cost element. Proceed only after ensuring there are no hidden costs. Though the price is an important consideration, do not base your decision on it alone. Be wary of unrealistically low contractor bids. Rugworks is a renowned hardwood floor contractor near you in Santa Rosa.No matter how complex your flooring installation project is, we can manage it flawlessly. To make an appointment, call 707-935-0648.

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