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What Is the Best Carpet for A Bedroom?

Are you looking for a bedroom carpet but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone as this is a frequent question that many homeowners ask us. Since carpet is softer than other forms of flooring, it is a common choice for bedrooms.

Carpet is more comfortable to step on than other flooring styles and there are numerous advantages associated with carpets. The most suitable flooring for your home can change based on where you live. Luckily, there’s flooring installation experts like Rugworks in the Sonoma Valley who can help you pick the best-fitting home décor.

Benefits of Carpets for Bedrooms

A carpet clears the indoor atmosphere by trapping dust particles. The contaminants are embedded in the carpet fibers and will remain there until the carpet is vacuumed. According to the German asthma foundation, carpet absorbs dust more than any other flooring, resulting in cleaner indoor air.

Carpet also offers decent insulation, allowing for energy savings of 4-5% in the summer and up to 10% in the winter. Carpets are not the most appropriate flooring when you have radiant heat in your home. However, some styles will allow the system to do its job. When looking for a good carpet under radiant heat, look for a lower pile. The pad is as critical as the carpet. Rubber pad is the best underlayment for a home with radiant heat

 Choosing the Right Carpet

Since you begin and end each day in your bedroom, it is important that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.  Finding the perfect carpet, whether it is fluffy, warm, and cozy or if you want something to handle pet stains and traffic, will take time. The experts at Rugworks will help you through the process to find you the perfect carpet.

Different Carpet Styles

There are three popular forms of carpet flooring:

  • Cut pile carpet
  • Loop pile (uncut) carpet
  • Pattern carpet made with a combination of the previous 2 forms

The style of bedroom carpet you pick will be determined by your standards of how long you expect your flooring to last, as well as your personal design preferences. Carpet is popular with homeowners because it requires little maintenance other than vacuuming, absorbs sound, and feels great.

Loop pile carpet

Loops of yarn are tufted or woven into the primary backing and left intact to create an uncut carpet pile. As a result, most loop pile carpet is low pile and sturdy. If you have small children or pets, a loop carpet pile may be a good option. However, they can be less fluffy underfoot as compared to cut piles.  Many come with graphic patterns and are available in stain resistant fibers such as nylon and wool.

Cut Carpet Pile

Cut carpet pile is used by many homeowners for bedrooms because it is softer underfoot than an uncut pile. Though vacuum tracks and footprints will be more visible, this type of bedroom carpet is fluffy enough to make you care less about them.

Cut carpet pile is created by cutting loops of yarn tufted or woven into the backing. Based on how the loops are cut and the fabrics are handled, this style of bedroom carpet comes in a range of textures.

Pattern carpets

Pattern carpet can come in an array of styles from printed or woven cut pile carpet to graphic patterned loop pile carpets to a combination of both cut and loop pile creating a design in the carpet. These come in everything from subtle pin dots to bold colorful graphics that will make a statement in any bedroom.

Color of the Carpet

For carpet, most people prefer a neutral color like beige or light grey, however carpet come in a rainbow of colors.  It is important to make sure that the color of your bedroom carpet does not clash with the walls, furniture, or curtains. Darker neutral shades will help hide dirt and stains, ensuring that the carpet flooring looks great for years to come.

We are experts leading the Sonoma Valley flooring industry. Rugworks understands how precious carpets are for homeowners and has a wealth of experience to pull from to make your flooring project stress-free. Call us at (707) 935-0648.

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