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What Is a Carpet Remnant? | Carpet Remnant FAQs

Firstly, what is a carpet remnant? Most folks know a remnant as a fragment or a scrap of something. Similarly, when carpet stores sell a whole roll of material, there is always some length that is left over. This is what we know as a remnant. Some people may also know these pieces as roll ends or offcuts.

The industry standard for the width of a carpet is usually 12 Feet, however, only the manufacturer can determine the length of the entire roll. These may go up to 150feet at times. A remnant is the piece that is left over once a store has sold almost all the roll. These remnants are typically under 20 feet in length.

Are all remnants small?

Most remnants are “Room Size”, between 8 to 15 feet in length and are perfect for doing one room. Sometimes a remnant is left over from an installation where the customer did not want to keep the cut pieces that couldn’t be used in their project. These are normally odd sizes that are perfect for small area rugs. Rarely do remnants come over 20 feet. If they do, they may be enough to cover two small bedrooms or a Living Room.

Are Remnants Damaged?

The remnants that we sell are in perfectly good condition and absolutely unused. If by any chance they are not in a perfect state, they will be marked as ‘seconds’ and the details shall be mentioned separately. However, this only applies to minor damages that will not ultimately affect the product’s usage.

Can you describe the quality?

Carpet Remnants in Santa Rosa are no different in quality than the rest of the carpet. Remnants are not “reject pieces”, they are simply the piece taken from the end of the roll.

How are remnants then sold at a discounted price?

Most manufacturers and stores that stock carpet, like Rugworks, are unable to sell the last pieces of carpet at full price. To make room for more rolls these remnants need to be sold quickly. Thus, we sell these remnant pieces at discounted prices.

Are all remnants from ranges that are no longer in the market?

The majority of our remnants are from our current ranges of carpet, but occasionally we may have a remnant left from a carpet that has been discontinued and is no longer available. What this means for you is that you may find some styles here that you won’t find anywhere else!

How often do you get new stock?

We keep updating our stock regularly and have new deliveries frequently. Feel free to check up with us on your favourite styles.

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