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What are the Best Floors in My Bathroom?

Todays bathrooms have become a haven where we tend to spend a fair amount of time taking care of our hygiene needs.  Over the years Ceramic tile or a sheet vinyl product have been the go-to product for flooring in these areas. They are still a good option since they handle the moisture issues a bathroom creates better then most other flooring options.  However, many people are using hardwood through most of the house.

If you are considering wood throughout the living areas, what about taking this material into the bathrooms.  Technically we can install wood in any room of the house. If it is just a half bath with a toilet and sink, it should be no problem.  Simply put, wood and water do not mix.  If you are considering wood floors in a full bath, it would be best to consider a different option. If you want a wood look, here are some of the options that Rugworks can help you with.


Vinyl comes two basic forms – Sheet vinyl or waterproof vinyl tiles or planks.

Sheet vinyl comes in a variety of styles and colors. From pebbles, to tile to wood visuals. Being a solid sheet means there are no seams. On the downside, you may have an excessive amount of waste since most these products come in widths much wider than the widest dimension of most bathroom.  However, for handling moisture, this is a great option.  And the variety of styles and colors means you should be able to find one that fits you look.

Waterproof vinyl tiles and planks have become the fastest growing segment of the flooring industry. The visuals are so realistic that most people cannot tell the difference. The multitude of wood look visuals makes this the go-to flooring for people wanting a wood floor look in their bathroom. It is also softer and warmer than the real thing.  The tile looks give you the same comfort under foot with a visual of real stone or tile giving you the same look, but a better feel than traditional tile floors.


Linoleum is another sheet material made of all natural materials, primarily linseed oil and cork/wood flour.  It comes in a wide variety of colors, though the patterns a very limited.  IT comes in sheets that are 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches) wide that can accommodate most bathrooms.  It is finished with a urethane coating which makes it very easy to care for.  Though more expensive than vinyl, it offers a look and feel like no other flooring on the market and makes for an excellent bathroom floor that will last for many years.


Though laminate does have a wood pulp core, the top plastic layer is very resistant to water and many have improved locking systems that prevent water from getting to the core from above. Though many are now offering waterproof warranties, it requires that all cut edges be caulked to prevent water from getting to the core. For this reason, laminates are a much better option that Hardwood. The visuals are excellent and are almost exclusively wood looks.

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