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What Are the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood is a preferred flooring choice of contractors, builders and homeowners around the world. It is known for its timeless charm and rustic appeal. Installing a hardwood floor in your home is a great way to give it a makeover.

Here are some benefits of hardwood flooring that we commonly suggest to Santa Rosa homeowners.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance and warmth to homes. Many homeowners believe that hardwood floors can make rooms look bigger. Hardwood flooring can make your home cozy and inviting.

Given the fact that flooring is the first thing many people check out after they walk through the entrance door of a home, a hardwood floor can help create a good first impression on your guests.

Strength and Durability

Hardwood floors that are kiln dried, manufactured, installed, and finished to a high standard and maintained regularly can last generations. Hardwood floors are able to stand up to heavy foot traffic as they are able to resist scratches better than many other types of flooring.

Variety of Options

Hardwood floors are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and stains. From locally available options such as hickory, cherry, and walnut to exotic options such as Brazilian tigerwood and mahogany, there is something for every type of buyer. Buyers can choose between pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors.

Ease of Cleaning

Hardwood floors are very easy to keep clean. You can sweep or vacuum your hardwood floor to get rid of any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Hardwood is known for its superior stain-resistance. If you spill a liquid on your floor, all you need to do is wipe it up in order to prevent stains.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

If someone in your home is asthmatic or has a seasonal allergy, consider installing hardwood flooring. Unlike other popular flooring options, hardwood does not have grout lines, fibers, or embossing that trap dust mites, dander, and other allergens. With proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring will keep your air cleaner and breathable, contributing to healthier indoor air quality.

Increased Home Value

Hardwood flooring is one of the best types of flooring for homeowners looking to increase the value of their homes. Hardwood floors typically yield a 75% return on investment and improve the marketability of your home.

Many home buyers prefer homes with hardwood floors due to the many benefits of hardwood flooring. If you want to sell your home and have installed hardwood flooring in it, many potential home buyers will gravitate to you as they won’t have to tear the existing flooring out and replace it with a new hardwood floor, which is a time-consuming process.

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