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Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Trends for Your Next Renovation

The importance of good flooring cannot be emphasized enough. Interesting and impressive flooring adds to the personality of the space. The ideal flooring option combines aesthetics with practicality and durability.

If you are planning a renovation project, remember to show your hardwood floors some love. To help you make your home more stylish, we have compiled a list of some of the hottest trends ruling the hardwood flooring industry.

A Return to Simplicity

Many designers are going back to basics. They are returning to the old practice of laying same-size planks in a unified direction. The traditional placement creates a clean and sleek look, tying the room together.

The simpler your design, the more opportunities you will have to improvise when it comes to styling. A clean and simple appearance allows you to be more creative and experiment with your decor.

Though aesthetically pleasing, fun or unique patterns can be quite distracting. On the other hand, a simple floor pattern will expand design possibilities and allow you to easily alter your furniture layout.

Darker-Toned Woods Are In

Many homeowners prefer darker-toned woods to their medium and light-toned counterparts. It’s not difficult to figure out why. Darker-toned woods lend a unique, sophisticated, and elegant look. Dark woods are easier to style than lighter tones. They provide a modern look and blend well with dark furnishing as well as lighter kitchen cabinets.

The Distressed or Aged Look is Surging in Popularity

To create the distressed or aged look, the finish is subjected to artificial ageing. The style is used for creating a rusting aesthetic. It accentuates a feeling of warmth and homeliness.

Greige Wood Floors Are the Next Big Thing

Greige is a variable color that blends grey and beige. The color greige will make you rethink neutrals. It combines the best of both worlds – the warmth of beige and the minimalist feel of grey. It goes with a range of decor styles. Greige flooring can add personality to the installation area. The unique tone of your greige floor will make your room look and feel more inviting.

The Whitewashed Look is Trending Big Time 

The whitewashed look is trending throughout the country. Whitewashed floors create a relaxed, beachy look. These floors undergo a bleaching or blanching process that focuses on stripping back the natural tone of the wood. You can use whitewashed wood in the kitchen or any other room where you want to create a homely feel.

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