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Tips to Consider While Buying Hardwood Flooring

Have you been searching for hardwood flooring near me but are still struggling to settle on which hardwood flooring would be right for you? Like most flooring options there are a lot on the market and without a proper understanding of the product you have been looking for, it can get confusing.

Diverse Choices Available

Hardwood flooring is the perfect way to showcase nature’s beauty in your home but that also leaves you with a lot of options available. There are many species of wood that exist in the world which then becomes many different choices of hardwood flooring for you as the consumer to choose from. Every species has its own unique characteristics which may or may not be the right choice for you. Beyond just the species of the wood, hardwood flooring also has choices in regards to the finish on the wood, the way the flooring is constructed, and the ways the flooring can be installed. Coming into Rugworks to talk to a sales person that can help cover all the options and discuss the pros and cons unique to you and your situation is the best way to navigate making the right decision.

Color May Vary

Each different type of materials comes with its own distinctive characteristics particular to that species of wood but it goes further than just that. Hardwood is a natural product that also varies depending on the particular trees that were harvested for the material and may have more or less variation per plank, more or less knots, and more or less grain from one production of the material to the other. The sample pieces that you are viewing in the showroom will also differ from the material you actually get because it cannot show you the full amount of variation of the natural product. Coming into Rugworks to see samples in person, discuss the amount of variation per species, and look at room scene pictures to get a visual is the best way to insure the right choice for you.

When you are thinking about installing hardwood flooring in your home, you should consult with the experts to truly understand hardwood flooring and find the best for you. Contact Rugworks at its branches in Rohnert Park at (707) 584-7847 and in Sonoma at (707) 935-0648.