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Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring and Carpet Store

Why should you choose only reliable flooring and carpet companies near me? Choosing a licensed company will protect your home and investment of new flooring that you get installed. You want someone that you can return to if you have an issue or have a question regarding your new floor. Here are some tips that can help in choosing a flooring retailer:

Selection Range

There are thousands of designs and colors available for flooring and carpets which can leave you as the customer, overwhelmed by the amount to sort through. Finding a local store that has a more streamlined selection of trusted materials to choose from and knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the selections is going to be the easiest process. Big box retailers have a tendency to offer a limited amount of the different types of flooring from a few select manufacturers that they partner with leaving you as the consumer stuck with limited options. Chain flooring retailers often have so many options it is quickly overwhelming to compare everything that they have available and the sales people will often push you towards particular brands of carpet that may not be the best fit for you.

Product Pricing

In this day and age, almost everyone will have a budget when it comes to larger purchases such as flooring. Most stores will have a range of products to fit most budgets but, keep in mind, that with most flooring, you often get what you pay for. Going very inexpensive on the product can give you more headaches in the long run. At Rugworks, we offer a large selection of stock materials that give you a good quality product at a more budget friendly pricing so you are not sacrificing quality for your budget. Also, when working with Rugworks, you get a free in-home measure to get more precise pricing for you project with no obligation to ensure your budget is met as much as possible.


This one is a very, if not the most, important aspect of choosing from flooring and carpet companies near me. You can pay top dollar for materials but if they are not installed properly it defeats the purpose and leaves you with a very expensive floor that doesn’t function. When working with Rugworks you’ll get a licensed, bonded, and insured installer on the job putting in your new floor. We know our installers personally and they are local. This means if you have an issue you have Rugworks to contact instead of an 800 number or unknown contractors who won’t call you back. We will then be able to have the installer out as soon as possible to address the issue.


As with most businesses, there are a lot of reviews and testimonials available online for you to compare previous customer’s experiences. Comparing is usually a good way to get insight into the kind of customer service you can expect. Just keep in mind that not all negative reviews are fair and can often be misleading.

When looking for the most respected carpet store in your area, look no further than Rugworks. We bring to you the best selection and service that you can ask for. Call our Rohnert Park office at 707-584-7847, and Sonoma County office at 707-935-0648.

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