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Three Ways The Right Flooring Can Improve Your Life

One of the things that make a house a home is its flooring. The importance of the right flooring cannot be emphasized enough. Your flooring affects your home value. Since the floor takes up so much real estate, it significantly impacts the aesthetics of your home.

The right flooring can make an area look more inviting, cozier, larger or smaller, and more luxurious. Not only does good flooring affect the look of your home, it can have an impact on the way you and your loved ones feel.

Here are some ways that flooring can improve your quality of life.

Allergy Prevention

Around 24 million people in the U.S. have asthma. Asthma and allergies usually go hand-in-hand. Around 60 percent of adults and 90 percent of children with asthma have allergies.

The most common allergens in an average home are pollen, dust mites, and pet dander.

Dust mites reside and breed in furniture, bedding, carpet, and other places where dead skin cells are most likely to accumulate. A dust mite allergy can trigger asthma and even cause eczema to flare.

To allergy-proof your home, install hypoallergenic floorings, such as eucalyptus or bamboo flooring. Hypoallergenic flooring does not trap dust and other allergens and can help reduce allergen levels and pollen exposure in your home.

Ease of Maintenance

Flooring maintenance is one of the most dreaded household chores, but with good reason. Maintaining a floor involves a great deal of hard work. Many homeowners spend their entire weekends working on their flooring.

Opt for a low-maintenance flooring option such as ceramic tile, vinyl tile, or engineered hardwood. These durable flooring options last for decades and are highly resistant to dents and scratches.

Engineered hardwood is designed to resist temperature fluctuations. Both ceramic tile and vinyl tile are resistant to water and stains.

With a low maintenance flooring option, you will spend less time on maintenance and more quality time with the people who matter.

Improved Health

There is a reason why floor installation companies in Sonoma recommend installing non-toxic flooring. Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) flooring such as bamboo can help minimize VOCs in new home construction and improve indoor air quality.

Use a phenol-formaldehyde-based adhesive instead of the traditional urea-formaldehyde type as it is almost VOC-free.

Rugworks is a top-rated floor installation company in Sonoma. Whether you live in a Victorian-style house or own a modern, contemporary home, we will have the right flooring option for you. To talk to a flooring expert, call us at (707) 935-0648.

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