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Should You Put Carpet on Stairs?

Should You Put Carpet on Stairs?

Homeowners have to make a lot of decisions while building or remodeling their homes. Layout, paint color, materials, and décor are just a few of all things that you need to consider. A lot of homeowners face issues like what to do with the stairs. Is it right to put carpet on stairs? With the help of professional services offered by carpet companies near me, you can make a decision that works best for you. Here are several benefits that you can get from having carpet on your stairs.

Benefits of Carpeting Stairs

Cost – The number one reason we find that people choose to carpet the stairs comes down to the cost. Carpeting the stairs can easily be less than half the cost of putting hard surface on the stairs. Hard surface installations on the stairs are labor intensive, time consuming, and require expensive stair-nosing which drives up the cost dramatically.

Safety – Another top reason for installing carpeting on the stairs is for safety reasons. Hard surfaces have a tendency to be more slippery on the stairs when compared to a carpeted staircase. Most families with kids, pets, and/ or elderly in the home opt for carpeting on the stairs to allow it to be more slip resistant and safer.

Noise – Carpeted stairs are also great for houses and stairs that are noisy. If you have a lot of traffic going up and down the stairs or stairs that make noise, carpeting is the best at absorbing and minimizing those sounds in the home.

Decoration – Some people prefer to use the carpet on the stairs to make a bold design statement with the carpet that they put on the staircase. It is a wonderful way to emphasize your staircase with a pop of pattern, texture, and/or color flowing from stair to stair.

Carpeting stairs can be a beneficial decision for your wallet, your family, and your home aesthetic. For more information regarding carpet installation on your stairs, you can contact the experts at Rugworks at 707-584-7847 in Rohnert Park or at 707-935-0648 in Sonoma

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