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Whether you have a simple, straightforward, or complex flooring project, Rugworks takes on any project with the same passion we would have working on our own home. It’s not easy being the best carpet company in Petaluma. What sets us apart is our team of seasoned professional floor installers, they know every detail of the business from start to completion and are determined to make all clients satisfied.

There are several flooring options to choose from. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed when faced with too many options. It is up to us to help narrow down our customers’ decisions and ensure they find exactly what they’re looking for, even when they don’t know what that looks like. By weighing the pros and cons between options we ensure that customers make their best choice and stay happy for years to come.

Installing a floor requires serious skills. Your average DIY enthusiast might beg to differ but an amateur floor installer is bound to make mistakes. Our team comprises of flooring installation experts and master designers. They have years of experience installing different types of floors and help our customers set the tone for their interior’s look and feel.

To ensure our customers receive top-quality products we partner with the best manufacturers. Considering hardwood floors are the preferred choice out of all the flooring options we see in the Petaluma area, we pride ourselves on offering quality engineered products from a variety of species ranging from cork and bamboo.

Before starting a project, our flooring experts map out the designated area, we adjust our floor plans to meet the specifications of the home. Meticulous planning prevents cost overruns in projects and avoids delays, enabling us to finish flooring projects on time and within budget.

Flooring projects can be disruptive. If a project involves removing a floor, mounds of dust can be produced during the flooring removal process. Also, the noise produced during the flooring removal and installation process can be unpleasant. We are aware of these concerns. Our flooring installation experts minimize debris and sound with proper installation techniques and our least invasive equipment. 

We are committed to helping our customers keep their floors looking their best even after installation. Upon request, we help homeowners create an effective flooring maintenance plan that works for them. After performing an install, our flooring experts create a list of expert recommendations along with things to avoid in order to lengthen the lifespan of the new floor. We also provide tips to prevent stains and remove them from your floors and help choose the right coating for them. With proper care and maintenance, your floor can last years.

To speak to one of our flooring experts, call our office.