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Looking to Buy Laminate Flooring? Here Are Some Tips

Laminate flooring is the perfect alternative for expensive hardwood especially if you live in a busy household. Laminate can instantly transform the interior space of your house without breaking the bank. Before you make a decision to install laminate flooring, come into Rugworks, your best place to buy laminate flooring near me to discuss the benefits of laminate and see the options for yourself.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring consists of a high-density fiberboard, wood images, and a protective wear layer on top. With the development of high definition images and advances in creating textures, laminate can look so realistic that it can often be mistaken for hardwood.

Laminate flooring is one of the best at preventing wear and tear in a busy household. Laminate is one of the most scratch and dent resistant flooring available and planks can most often be replaced even if they do get damaged. Now there are waterproof laminates available that combat the moisture issues that laminate traditionally had. However, when it comes to picking the right laminate for your home, you must consider the following tips before finalizing the purchase.

Designs of Laminate Flooring

The best way to choose the perfect style of laminate is to try and visualize or find pictures of the look that you want to implement. Laminate is designed to emulate the look and feel of real wood so the styles of laminate range just like hardwood. You can find everything from wide rustic planks with lots of texture to smoother, more traditional looks with narrow planks.

You can search on the internet to get a better idea of the styles and looks available in today’s market. You can also see some pictures where you can see a whole room scene of the laminates to help you visualize the change as a whole.

Test before Purchasing

Weal ways recommend you take a sample of the flooring home. This is sometimes the best way to narrow down your options if you are trying to decide between several styles. Most importantly though, the flooring is going to look different in your home than in the store because of the change of lighting and colors in your house. It will also look different depending on the time of day so spending a few days at home with the samples is always the best way to test them thoroughly.

Considering these factors before buying laminate flooring is a must in our book! Call Rugworks to take a look at laminate samples and get a free estimate on getting laminate flooring installed. We have two branches in Rohnert Park and Sonoma. The contact numbers are 707-584-7847 for Rohnert Park and 707-935-0648 for Sonoma.

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