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How to Prepare for a Flooring Installation

A new flooring installation is one of the most popular home improvement projects. A new floor can work wonders for your home and can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal while adding value to your property.

Flooring installation can cause disruptions, so you need to prepare in advance to ensure your flooring installation goes smoothly. Proper planning minimizes disruptions so you can go about your daily life.

We have compiled a list of tips to prepare for a flooring installation.

Determine if the New Floor Will Impact Floor Height

In most cases, new flooring would call for readjustment of trim and baseboards. Hardwood flooring installation almost always warrants the removal of baseboards as hardwood floors increase or decrease floor level. Rugworks can remove and either reset or replace baseboards as part of flooring installation project in Rohnert Park. Door trim can be undercut by our installers so the floor fits underneath them. We remove and reset doors. If the new flooring causes an issue with the door being able to swing freely, they will leave it off and you will need to have someone cut the doors to fit properly to the new floor. If your baseboards are set higher than your new flooring, you will need to either replace them with taller base or touchup the bottom of the walls. If the flooring leaves a gap at the bottom of your door casing it may need to be patched or replaced by a handyman or contractor.

Remove Furniture from the Room

Any furniture in the room will impede work. Power tools used during installation can do a great deal of damage to furniture if left unchecked. Dust and dirt produced during an installation can settle on your furniture and you may have a difficult time removing them.

To prevent damage, remove the furniture in the room before the installation day. Go over what you can and cannot move with the estimator so they know what you will move and what the installers will be responsible for. Ensure your furniture is covered during the relocation to minimize dust contamination.

Remove Delicate Items and Valuables from The Room

Rugworks can move large pieces of furniture, but all the small items need to be handled before our arrival. Any delicate items such as glassware, musical instruments, and optical instruments as well as high-value items such as antiques and paintings should be removed from the room before beginning your project. Larger items that require special handling such as pianos and grandfather clocks should also be removed prior to the installers arrive

A substantial amount of dust is generated during flooring installation. To prevent dust from settling on wall hangings, drapes, and pictures in the room, move them to another room. To avoid last-minute confusion and ensuing chaos and conflicts, decide who will remove the sub-floor, appliances, and furniture beforehand. Disconnect your electrical systems, gas appliances, and waterlines on refrigerators and make sure the inside temperature of your home is conducive for new flooring installation before starting to work.

Designate an Area for Working and Garbage Disposal

Create a working space for your installer where they can set up his tools and stage materials. Make sure the area is not far away from the entrance to the project area.

The installer will also require an area to dispose of the waste materials generated during the project. This can be more than your trash bins can handle. Our installers will need a place to stage the waste materials but will load them up and carry them off the job site before finishing the job.

Close Off Other Rooms

To contain the mess, close other rooms. This will limit the dust and dirt from travelling to different areas of your home. Alternatively, mask your doors using masking tape. If you are installing hardwood flooring, closing doors will limit sawdust from travelling to other rooms.

Rugworks is committed to helping homeowners transform their houses into their dream homes. No matter how complex your project, we can manage it from start to finish. To learn more, contact us at (707) 584-7847.

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