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How to prepare for a Carpet installation

There are several reasons to install a carpet. Carpets are extremely effective at absorbing noises. They can reduce airborne noises by up to 35 percent. Carpets provide a soft surface underfoot. They reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, which is perfect for parents with young kids.

How long does the carpet installation process take? This is one of the most common questions homeowners ask their installers. If you expect your flooring contractor to remove furniture and flooring, it can take anywhere between six and eight hours. It is a good idea to keep aside a full day for the installation. In some cases, it may take just 2-4 hours to install a carpet. 

Here are some factors we take into consideration while working in homes in Napa County: 

Size and Efficiency of Installation Team 

If your flooring contractor’s crew is performing training or they bring apprentices that day the job may take longer than usual. Before hiring a contractor for carpet installation, make sure they have enough people on their team. If you’re expecting the highest quality of work look for a contractor who hires experienced professionals.

Total Square Footage  

The total square footage of the area is one of the most important factors that affect carpet installation time. A useful rule of thumb is to multiply the length and width of the room and that will give you the total square footage of the area. If you want to install the carpet in a single, square-shaped small room, the installation process can take a few hours. Homeowners who want to change flooring throughout their house can expect the installation to even take a full day at times. 


If the installation crew is responsible for moving furniture and other heavy items and tearing out your existing floor covering, the installation process can take two or three days. 

Room Shape 

Installing a carpet in a regular-shaped room with no odd-shaped surfaces is a fairly straightforward task. It usually takes a day or less to install carpet in such rooms. On the contrary, if you have irregularly shaped rooms with several corners and odd-shaped surfaces it will take longer to install the carpet. Installing a carpet on the stairs will also take relatively longer than usual. 

Tips to Prepare for Carpet Installation 

Before the day of installation, talk to your installer. Every home is different, ask what specific things you can do that can make their installation smoother. Here are some things we’ve asked homeowners in Napa to do before our arrival. 

  • Remove furniture, art pieces, beds, tables, and electronic equipment from the rooms. This is a great way to protect items from damage and clear space for the installation crew. 
  • Protect any expensive items in the adjacent rooms by covering them with a sheet or drop cloth.
  • Disconnect gas and water lines.
  • Create clear walking paths.

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