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How to Choose the Best Carpet & Flooring Store For Your Project!

Your carpet and flooring have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of designer carpets and visually-stunning flooring patterns, several carpet and flooring stores have come up in different parts of the country.

Not every store, however, deserves your trust. Some stores stock sub-standard products and even overcharge for their products and services. So, is finding an established and reputable store as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack? Not really! All you need to do is follow these tips, and you should be able to find a store that offers value-for-money products.

Research Your Options

From ordering food to keeping in touch with people who matter, you use the Internet to accomplish a range of tasks, why not use it to find a trustworthy store near you? Visit online forums that discuss local carpet and flooring stores. Check customer ratings and reviews of stores. Look at the BBB’s website to find out ratings of the stores you plan to visit.

Talk to Friends and Family

Ask friends and family members who have just wrapped up a carpeting or flooring project to recommend stores. Ask them where they got their carpets and flooring from and how was their experience doing business with the store? Enquire whether the store has a good collection.

Look for stores that offer cost-effective and high-quality products and employ courteous and knowledgeable staff that help customers choose the right type of floor that works best for them. Ask the recommender to rate the store.

Look for a Store That Offers Installation Services

Instead of shopping from a store that does not offer professional installation, and then spend precious time and energy to find an installation expert, look for a store that also offers installation services.

Rugworks has completed several successful installations to date. We provide our customers with a range of flooring and carpeting options. Over the years, we have joined hands with several leading manufacturers, including Stanton, Phenix, and Mohawk. We leverage our partnerships to offer quality products at affordable prices.

Call Your Preferred Stores

Call your preferred stores to get important information, such as whether they offer home delivery services. If you have your heart set on a particular product, inquire about its price, whether it is in stock (if not, when will it be available), and materials used to manufacture the product. Ask the person about the maintenance process.

Notice how the professional answers your question. Do they sound irritated or frustrated? If yes, strike off the store from your list.

Are you looking for a trustworthy carpet company near you? Look no further than Rugworks. We offer value-for-money flooring solutions. Whether you are planning to give your home a chic makeover or want to make your house a minimalist home, we have the right flooring option for you. To consult one of our experts, call us at707-584-7847.

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