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How to Choose a Laminate Flooring Color for Your Home?

When you search for laminate flooring near me, you will see so many options that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Read on to get some direction in picking the right laminate color for your home.

Laminate Flooring is a Durable Choice

Before we discuss color, let’s talk about why choosing the laminate flooring in general is a great choice. Laminate flooring is one of the most durable floors available in today’s market for residential floors. It is one of the most scratch, dent, and scuff resistant floors making it a great choice for high traffic areas. Most laminates now come with water resistant options, adding to their durability, making them one of the best options for busy families and pet friendly homes.

Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring Color

Choosing the color of a new flooring can be a daunting task and there are a lot of shows, magazines, and apps out there to give you suggestions and show you today’s trends. Here at Rugworks, we believe that choosing the right color for your space is a deeply personal choice that goes beyond trends because you will be living with this floor for years to come. If you love the newest trends, gray and white everything for example, and you know you are going to love it forever, then by all means do it. You might, however, be someone who likes a warmer, more traditional feel and that’s what you want on your floors. There is no need to follow a trend or a design that you see on the most popular home improvement media. Instead, focus on what you already have in the space to find a floor that you’ll love for many years.

Should the Color Match the Room?

The best answer to that depends on what you want the focal point of the room to be. If you have key decor pieces like artwork, an accent wall, rug(s), or throw pillows that you want to take center stage of the room then go with a neutral color that blends into the colors of room. This makes a more monotone background for your intended focal point to pop in comparison. Alternatively, if you’d like the flooring to be the, or one of, the main focal points in the room then choose flooring colors that are a contrast to the colors of the room. By going with a lighter color contrast, it will brighten up the space making the room appear larger and more cheerful. When going with a darker contrast, it grounds the flooring as the focal point giving it a moodier and more dramatic feel. A common misconception with flooring is that going dark can make the space feel like a cave (small and dark). If you have a little room with very little light and the decor as a whole is dark as well, it may have this result, however, if you

have a light, bright space with light colored decor, a dark floor can emphasize the brightness of your decor and make the room appear bigger. Another option for making the floor a focal point is choosing a laminate with a high variation in the planks, like a reclaimed wood look, that will give it a dramatic appearance that will draw the eye.

All your questions related to flooring have a one-stop solution, and that’s Rugworks. We are the best place for laminate flooring near me. Here, our team of dedicated professionals are on a mission to help you select the right flooring for your home and help you get them professionally installed for an affordable price.

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