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How Laminate Flooring is Making a Comeback with New Water-Resistant Options

When it was first introduced to the market, laminate flooring was one of the best floorings for active families and high traffic areas and was the most popular among the homeowners. Laminate floors became the first choice of consumers because it allowed them to get a wood look floor with low maintenance, superior durability, lower costs, and easier installation. The only major flaw for people who were purchasing laminate floors was that they weren’t suitable for locations with moisture and spills needed to be cleaned up immediately to avoid moisture damage. This allowed for waterproof luxury vinyl planks to quickly take over the market when they were introduced later. Laminate flooring products, however, have recently made a comeback with new water-resistant options, and you can easily find them at stores selling laminate flooring near me.

Why Should You Install Water-Resistant Laminate Floors?

A water-resistant laminate floor could be a perfect choice for your busy home. Water- resistant laminate flooring will not only augment the aesthetic value of your home but also last for a long time, saving you money in the long run. There are many benefits of choosing water-resistant laminate flooring for your home.

  • Easier and Lower Cost Installation – Laminate is known to be one of the most durable and cost-effective types of flooring. Laminate material costs dramatically less than the average hardwood material. Laminate is also a floating floor which means that it is installed faster than nailed or glued down hardwoods which gets you back into your spaces
  • Approved for Locations with Moisture – Water-resistant laminate flooring is a revolutionary product, and you can easily install it in your kitchen, laundry room, and even bathrooms without Now when there is a spill that happens that cannot be wiped up right away, it won’t ruin your laminate. There are also several laminate collections that advertise as waterproof flooring when they are installed with extra steps of sealing the edges of the floors and bottom of the baseboards.
  • Outstanding Durability – Durability is a huge factor for most people when it comes to choosing a Laminate is already one of the most durable floors with superior scratch, scuff, and dent resistance. Once the water resistance is added into this already durable floor, it becomes one of the best choices for flooring especially for busy families, pet owners, and high traffic areas.
  • Enhanced Home Value – Laminate floors are known to boost the overall value of your home when replacing carpet. Most real estate agents will tell you that home buyers will first take notice of hard surfaces in homes for sale because they prefer it to carpet. Houses with hard surface also tend to sit on the market less than carpeted

These are some of the amazing benefits of installing water-resistant laminate floors in your home. If you want to learn more about the new water-resistant options available in laminate flooring, you can call us at 707-935-0648 in Sonoma or 707-584-7847 in Rohnert Park to speak with our flooring experts at Rugworks.

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