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How Hardwood Flooring can change the Ambiance of your Home?

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or planning to refine the flooring of your new home, go for hardwood flooring – a reliable and attractive choice that never goes out of style. Hardwood flooring helps to achieve a warm and inviting living space without having to break the bank. With hundreds of designs to choose from a reliable hardwood flooring company in Santa Rosa and Sonoma that can help you with the installation as well, you’ll surely make up a perfect choice. Please remove the up from “make up a perfect choice”

Why hardwood flooring is a good choice for your home

A Great Long-Term Investment: Hardwood flooring instantly increases the value of your home. It is a great long-term investment and has a strong resale value despite the higher installation cost. It is also tough and durable allowing it to stand the test of time as well.

Variety: Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of appearances and choices. You can choose from an exhaustive list of colors, stains, styles, and species. You can also choose between oil or urethane finished varieties depending on the amount of maintenance desired. From smooth classic finishes to distressed abstract textures and mixed-width boards and species, you can pick something that best showcases your individuality while also creating a timeless appeal.

Ageless Quality: The natural beauty of hardwood flooring is undeniable! It never goes out of style and every color and design is unique in its own way. As years go by, floors can look worn out but with hardwood flooring, your house will continue to look timeless and beautiful. In fact, your hardwood floor will become more beautiful with time as it naturally patinas. Unlike vinyl and carpeted flooring, hardwood can potentially be refinished if needed instead of having to replace the entire floor.

Durable: Hardwood flooring is more than just skin-deep beauty! It is rugged to the core and is designed to last. ¾” solid hardwood flooring can be easily refinished multiple times, yet it will exude the same classic look as when it was installed. An engineered hardwood with a urethane finish is designed to last 25-50 years without any need of refinishing.

Easy to Clean: There is no pleasure in having flooring that is beautiful to look at, but a pain to clean. Thankfully, hardwood is super easy to clean. All you need is a wood floor cleaner formulated for your specific finish and a simple dust mop for everyday sweeping and cleanup. Make sure to check with your sales person or the manufacturer of your flooring to ensure you’re using a product appropriate for your hardwood floor. When individual planks get damaged, they can most often be replaced without having to disturb the rest of the flooring. When well maintained, your hardwood flooring will give you a lifetime of loyal service!

If timeworn character is what you crave for, then contact Rugworks – the best hardwood flooring company in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. We will help you set up a hardwood floor that is timeless, beautiful and captures the spirit.

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