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How Do I Judge the Durability of a Laminate Floor?

Laminate floors are more affordable and durable than many other popular flooring options and are also easier to maintain and install. Laminate mimics the rustic look of wood, making it the first choice of millions of homeowners worldwide who want to give their home a makeover on a small budget.

All laminate floors are not created equal. Sub-standard laminate flooring is manufactured using low-quality materials that may not withstand the elements. As a result, it develops problems at regular intervals and falls short of most homeowners’ expectations. Therefore, you must check the durability of a laminate floor before purchasing it. 

Here are some ways to assess the durability of laminate flooring in Sonoma.

Ask About the Floor’s AC Rating

AC stands for ‘Abrasion Class.’ The AC rating of a laminate floor indicates its resistance to stains, impact, and abrasion. Laminate AC ratings range from AC1 to AC5. Consider its AC rating when determining where and how to use laminate flooring.

  • AC1 Moderate Residential: Laminate floors with this ratingshould be used in low-traffic areas as they can withstand light foot activity. They are usually installed in bedrooms and guest rooms.
  • AC2 General Residential: AC2-rated laminate floors are designed to handle moderate foot traffic. They are generally used in living rooms and dining rooms.
  • AC3 Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial: AC3-rated laminate can be used in high-traffic rooms such as kitchens and hallways in homes and small offices.
  • AC4 General Commercial: Floors with this rating are suitable for use in homes (in all high-traffic areas) as well as in commercial areas including boutiques and restaurants.
  • AC5 Heavy Commercial: AC5-rated laminate floors are built to last and can be used in high-traffic areas in offices, public buildings, and departmental stores.

Manufacturers subject laminate floors to rigorous testing to determine their AC rating. A Taber abrasion machine is used to test the abrasive wear resistance of floors. The machine rubs fine sandpaper across the laminate surface. The abrasion rating of a floor is determined depending on the number of rotations needed to break through the melamine wear surface.

*Note: The test does not take abnormal wear and tear caused by furniture and sharp objects into consideration.

Some Other Things to Check When Assessing the Durability of Laminate Flooring

The surface of a high-quality laminate floor is seamlessly flat and has no significant high or low spots. Check the patterns on the floor you are considering ensuring it gives a smooth and natural look. Another factor to consider when selecting a laminate floor is the method used to manufacture it.

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