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Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Move Furniture?

We do have a couple of crews that will move furniture. However, our crews will only move bare furniture. This means that we do not move any items in or on the furniture. All items must be removed from the top of furniture, on shelves, inside drawers, and in cabinets. Bedding must also be removed from the beds. Closets must have a clearance of at least 3ft from the floor to give our installers room to work. It is also important to secure or move artwork or anything hanging on the walls that could get bumped while hauling flooring in and out of the room.

Do We Disconnect/Reconnect Electronics?

No, we do not. All electronics will need to be disconnected before we arrive and we will not be responsible for reconnecting them after installation.

Do I Need to be There for Installation?

It is not necessary. You are welcome to leave a key with the office for the installer or you can open up for them in the morning and either meet them when they are done or they will lock up when they are done. If you are most comfortable with being present during the installation, that is alright as well. We just ask that children and pets are kept safely separated from the areas of installation because power tools and sharp objects will be present during installations.

Will I Save Money if I Tear-out the Flooring Myself?

Once you factor in your time, labor, and dump fees for tearing out the flooring yourself, the savings really are very minimal. Having our installers do the tear-out, haul away, and dump or recycle the materials is the better deal and our customers almost always just have us take care of it.

Do I Need Power for the Installation?

Yes, electrical needs to be installed and functioning at the time of the installation for our installers to use their installation tools.

Do I Need a Working HVAC System for the Installation?

Yes, it is a necessity for the installation. Space, where flooring is to be installed, needs to be kept at a constant temperature to keep the materials from expanding or contracting from temperature changes which can lead to major damages to the flooring and ruin your installation.

Should I Paint Before or After the Installation?

We prefer that the painting is done after the installation of floors to ensure that your new paint does not get scratched and requires touch-ups. A professional painting company will take the time to tape off and cover all new flooring during their painting. Some professional painting companies won’t touch up after other installations and others prefer not to have to come back for the touch-ups required.

Can Flooring be Patched or Repaired?

Yes, but most often, it is more noticeable when the new flooring goes next to the existing flooring that has been lived on. The texture, finish, and color of flooring often changes over time so the new flooring will appear different.

Do I Need to Have my Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Yes, not only will it help the carpet look newer longer and last longer, but most warranties require professional cleaning every 18-24 months to maintain their warranty coverages.