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Frequently Asked Questions About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Q: How is Engineered Hardwood Flooring Made?

 A: Engineered hardwood flooring is made of multiple plies of wood. A top layer of hardwood veneer is glued on the top surface and finished to match various styles and decors. A few engineered hardwood floors utilize core boards made from HDF. Although engineered hardwood can cost less than hardwood flooring. However, depending on the quality of the veneers and the thickness of the top layer, they can run as much or more than their solid counterparts. Engineered hardwoods are typically cross plied, meaning the various layers are laid in opposing direction making them more resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations especially in wider widths.

Q: What Does Greater Stability Mean?

 A: A major shortcoming of solid hardwood flooring is that it warps, swells, cups, or splits apart when exposed to heat and moisture. Engineered hardwood flooring consists of a multiple-ply plank design to prevent the floor from moving as much as a solid hardwood. This property makes engineered hardwood a better choice for installation over radiant heat sources.  Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for this type of installation

Q: Is it True that Engineering Negatively Impacts the Natural Beauty of Hardwood?

 A: Like solid hardwood floors, the top hardwood layer of engineered hardwood floors is genuine hardwood.  Some floors are sliced veneers so they will look just like a solid hardwood floor. Some engineered products use a peeled veneer that can have a different appearance than sliced veneers. These tend to be less desirable but are still real wood.

Q: How Many Layers Does Engineered Hardwood Flooring Typically Have? 

 A: Engineered hardwood flooring usually has three or more layers (including the top hardwood veneer).

Q: What is the Janka Hardness Test? Why is it Important for Consumers to Know About it? 

 A: The Janka hardness test measures how resistant a sample of wood is too common problems such as denting. The higher the Janka hardness test rating, the more dent-resistant the wood. The Janka rating of the hardwood floor you are considering is one of many factors to know before making a purchase.

Q: Is There a Benchmark for Comparing the Relative Hardness of Other Wood Species?

 A: Red oak is the benchmark for flooring in many parts of the world Many hardwood flooring companies in Santa Rosa and elsewhere use red oak as a benchmark for comparing the relative hardness of other species.

Q: How are Engineered Hardwood Floors installed?

 A: There are three ways to install an engineered hardwood floor: Nail down the floor, Glue down or Float.  Which option is best depends on the flooring you select and the type and condition of the sub floor it will be installed over. Rugworks can come out at no charge to determine the best installation for your floor.

 Q: Can an Engineered Floor be Refinished?

 A: Whether an engineered floor can be refinished or not will depend on the thickness of the hardwood layer and how smooth the top veneer is.  If cared for properly most hardwood surfaces never need to be refinished.  If you have a hardwood floor with hand scrape or wire brush finishes, you will not be able to refinish them since sanding the floor will remove all that character and, most likely, take the veneer down to the core.  If your floor is damaged, a board replacement can take care of the affected boards.

Q: Can Only Contractors Buy from Rugworks?

 A: No. Our clientele includes contractors, designers, property management companies and, of course, homeowners.

Q: How Does Rugworks Ensure Product Quality?

 A: We have partnered with several top hardwood manufacturers such as Shaw, Naturally Aged Flooring and Provenza and several more. Through these collaborations, we bring high-quality products at affordable prices.

 We have tried to answer almost all the questions related to engineered hardwood flooring. Do you still have some questions? Talk to a hardwood flooring expert near you. Call Rugworks flooring experts at our Sonoma store at (707) 935-0648 and our Rohnert Park store at (707) 584-7847.

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