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Flooring Companies: Your Guide for Flooring Needs

The top flooring companies in Rohnert Park are always ready to help their customers in selecting the right flooring material. We at Rugworks, are extremely dedicated to supporting our customers from start to finish. When you come to Rugworks you can expect us to help you every step of the way throughout the process. We will discuss here what that process looks like:

Come into the Store to Get Started

 The very best first step is to come into the store where you can talk to one of our professional staff. We can help you determine what kind of flooring is going to best for your personal needs. We can then show you the available products and discuss pricing to make sure if you have a budget, that it is met as close as possible. Another important aspect about coming into the store is seeing samples in person. Colors never show true online and seeing them in person, checking them out, and viewing them in your own space is a vital part of the process.

Schedule an In-Home Measure

 The next step is scheduling an estimator to come to the house to measure the exact spaces that you’d like the new flooring installed. It is best to have a final choice on the flooring that you’d like to have installed so that we can give you more exact pricing for what you want done. Flooring is a home improvement project so keep in mind there could be unforeseen costs and repairs once the work has begone. We do are best to look for any warning signs of potential issues but some things just cannot be predicted.

Scheduling the Installation

 After you have selected your material and agreed upon a price, the next step is to schedule the installation. It is important that the order for the material is placed before scheduling the installation just in case of backorders on the materials. Once the delivery of the material has been confirmed, we will then schedule the installation. We will determine how many days are needed for the installation with the installer and schedule accordingly.

Getting Ready for Installation

 Before the installation there is usually several things for you to prepare for. If you are having  a hard surface installed there will be an amount of time that the flooring will need to acclimate in the space before the installation begins. This minimizes the amount the flooring needs to be available for delivery before the installation and the HVAC system needs to be running before acclimation and installation of the product. If the installers are moving the furniture, each piece will need to be cleared off including books, knick knacks, bedding, and anything inside of drawers. If we are not moving furniture, everything must be cleared out before the installers arrive. Closets should also be clear at least three feet up from the floor. Make arrangements for any children or pets to be away from the house during the day while the installation is happening or are kept separated from where the work is being done for their safety.


 Depending on the scope of the job, flooring installation can be an extensive home improvement project. Smaller installation will only put you out of the space for a business day or two, while others can be a week or more. For longer installations, be prepared for living without kitchen appliances, living with only one or no bathroom, or sleeping in another room. Also be prepared for living with some construction noise like hammering and saws. Pulling up carpet and cutting materials releases dust so be prepared for some cleaning after installation. Resetting or replacing baseboards can leave gaps in wall paint, if the height of the floor is changing and carpet installation can leave minor scuffs or scratches in existing baseboard so be prepared for some minor paint touch ups by yourself or your painters, if applicable.

At Rugworks, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you from start to finish. Call us today at either one of our locations: Rohnert Park at 707-584-7847 or Sonoma at 707-935-0648.

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