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Expert Advice On Hardwood Floors For Homeowners

Have you recently had hardwood floors installed and are unsure how to maintain them? Perhaps you just moved into a new home in the Sonoma Valley with hardwood flooring and want to keep their appearance fresh for years to come. Our team at Rugworks knows quite a few things when it comes to maintaining hardwood flooring. Read on as we cover some expert tips for keeping your hardwood floors in good shape and how to reduce their wear and tear.

Classic Flooring Options

Hardwood floors are timeless and they never go out of style. Hardwood flooring has the incredible benefit of lasting a lifetime. There are existing floors that are over a century old. The floors look stunning and can be easily restored after they are sanded.

How Difficult Is It to Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood isn’t as difficult to care for as some people believe. Your indoor home climate is the most critical factor in maintaining hardwood floors. Maintaining your hardwood floors requires keeping your home environment to be consistently clean.

Wood floors naturally expand and contract, particularly in hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. A dramatic difference in temperature and humidity will harm the surface.

Your floors will contract if it is too cold and dry, leaving cracks and spacing at the seams. When the temperature changes, the floors can usually heal themselves. However, repeated exposure to drastic changes in temperature and humidity will eventually destroy the wood.

Remove Your Footwear

Grit, dirt, and debris can cause serious damage to hardwood floors. Tracking any of these items into your home through outside doorways or garage entrances is a recipe for disaster for your floor’s new finish. Small pebbles from your driveway that get stuck in a boot during the winter will create scuffs and scratches that can only be fully repaired with a floor screening and recoating.

Placing door mats down are a perfect place to begin. This encourages someone entering the building to clean any dirt or debris off their shoes, particularly if it is raining outside. Mats must be washed on a frequent basis.

Sweep the Floor Daily

Keeping your floor free of dirt and debris will help a lot with avoiding unwelcome scratches. Use a soft-bristled broom or a microfiber dusting mop to sweep or clean on a daily basis. There are vacuums designed specifically for hardwood floors, but it is still advised to keep the vacuum wheels clean to avoid any potential scraping.

Consult The Experts

Rugworks is your go-to solution for hardwood flooring in Sonoma Valley. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We can give you excellent flooring ideas to truly accentuate your home decor. Call us at (707) 935-0648 to discuss your project.

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