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Different Types of Carpets Used in Homes and Offices

Installing a carpet is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of a room. However, the benefits of carpets go beyond aesthetics. A carpet provides a comfortable place to sit, play or work and can help reduce noise by up to 70%.

Carpets are available in a range of colors and styles. Are you confused between your choices? Let us walk you through some popular carpeting options from Rugworks.


Berber is a generic term that most people use to describe a carpet made of lops as opposed to a cut pile carpet.  Berber was originally a multicolor product with the color coming in the form of flecks interspersed throughout the carpet. Though some “flecked” carpets are also available in a cut pile style, Berber is generally used to describe loop carpets whether they have a fleck or not.  These carpets come in a variety of textures and colors and are exceptionally durable against anything an active family can throw at it.  However, they can show seams more readily than cut pile carpets and can be easily damaged by an overactive pet

Cut Pile 

The fibers of a solid-cut pile carpet are loops that are cut to produce a smoother and softer style.  There are many different styles of cut pile carpet from smooth velvets and saxonies to heavy textures like Friezes and Shags.  Cut pile carpets are the most popular styles of carpet. They provide a cushiony feel and tend to be softer underfoot than loop pile carpets. They can tend to show traffic patterns in high traffic areas more than a loop carpet, but hide seams much better

Cut and Loop 

Though patterns can be found in both Berber and cut pile carpets, most are found in the cut and loop carpets.  In years past these carpets were mostly cut pile with a very subtle vein of loops running through the carpet creating a sculptured look to the carpet. Today these sculptured looks have all but disappeared from the flooring showroom. Taking its place is a multitude of patterns created by computer controlled tufting machines that can create any pattern the designer can imagine. These patterns are created by using different color fibers, though some use the same color fibers but different textures to create interest. Some patterns look like they have been cut directly onto the carpet.

A cut and loop carpet featuring a light and dark tone of the same color is quite effective at hiding signs of regular wear and tear and is the perfect choice for a high-traffic area.


As the name suggests, shag carpets have a shaggy appearance, thanks to their deeper than usual pile. Earlier, shag carpets were only available in earthy tones. Today, they are offered in a wide variety of colors.

First popularized in the 1970s, shag carpets have made a comeback of late being used mainly as an area rug in bedrooms and family rooms over wood and tile floors.  These rugs offer a thick comfortable spot to sit or lay on the floor over the hard floor found underneath.

They can be installed wall to wall, though todays Shags are extremely thick and would require doors to be cut. They are also much harder to vacuum than traditional carpets.

Most of these styles are available in todays most popular fibers including Wool and Stain Resistant Nylon.

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