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Commercial Carpet in the Home? Why It’s a Good Idea

Carpet flooring is used in homes and commercial establishments around the world. There are a wide range of benefits to using carpet. Carpet flooring lends a unique charm and can transform a dull, uninspiring area into something extraordinary. Carpet absorbs ambient noises and prevents sound from bouncing around your rooms.

Residential carpet typically lasts 5-15 years. After a few years of abuse, residential carpet starts wearing out. Wear and tear can cause premature deterioration, making your carpet look older and more dated than it actually is.

A rising trend in homeowners has seen families using commercial carpets in their homes rather than residential carpets. Since commercial carpets are used in industrial settings, they are made with durability in mind.

Commercial carpets are designed with tighter looping styles and a shorter pile. They provide protection from the elements. Many people think that commercial carpets are dull, boring, and uninspiring. This is not true. Just like residential carpets, commercial carpets are available in a range of patterns and colors.

Here are some compelling reasons to use commercial carpet from Rugworks, a flooring company near you.

Commercial Carpet is Cost-effective

Cheaper fibers are used in commercial fibers. As a result, commercial carpets are usually more affordable than residential carpets (as low as $2 per square foot to install).

Ease of Maintenance

Commercial carpets need far less upkeep than their residential counterparts. Vacuuming a commercial carpet is usually easier than a residential carpet as the tight loops and durable materials used in commercial carpets trap less dust, debris, and dirt.

The materials used in many commercial carpets are stain-resistant, making carpet maintenance a breeze. A stain-resistant carpet needs less frequent cleaning. More often than not, you will be able to remove a fresh stain by dabbing it with a soft, clean, and damp cloth.

Options to Choose From 

Commercial carpeting is available in a wide variety of hues and patterns. Whether you have a specific style of carpeting and color in mind or want to use different styles in different areas, you will find carpets that fit your unique needs and preferences.

Choose a solid tone in bold colors for your bedroom. A blend of neutral colors can work wonders for your hallway or living room. Patterned carpeting is best suited for dining rooms, home libraries and family rooms.

Commercial Carpet is Durable and Long-lasting 

In an industrial setting, commercial carpet can outlast residential carpet by up to a decade or more. In homes, commercial carpet can last even longer, as homes tend to see less foot traffic than commercial establishments. Use a carpet with a flat weave construction for the busiest areas in your home such as the hallways and living room.

Rugworks is a leading commercial carpet installer near you. We are committed to helping homeowners make informed decisions when choosing the right flooring for their homes. To make an appointment, call our store at (707) 935-0648.

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