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Cleaning & Care Tips for Hardwood Flooring

Given such a wide range of available flooring options, if you pick a hardwood flooring for your home, you should also know the basics of maintaining it and keeping it clean. Proper maintenance is essential for the health and durability of hardwood floors and can help keep your flooring looking like new for years to come.

Here are some simple tips to help maintain your hardwood floors:

  • Use Your Thermostat – Any wood product has the tendency to shrink as the heater dries out the humidity in your house and expands in the heat of the Keeping a constant, year-round temperature on your thermostat can help minimize the weather’s effects on your hardwood.
  • Use Rugs – You may want to place rugs at exterior doors and high traffic areas. They should be placed so that people can wipe mud, water, or debris off before stepping on the floors. If you live in the country or are prone to come in with a lot of debris on your feet, a heavier duty walk off mat can be used to maximize the debris taken off your shoes. Make sure to pull back the mats from time to time to make sure that no water has collected at the bottom which can damage the hardwood. Using rugs in high traffic areas can protect the finish of your hardwood from being worn down overtime.
  • Avoid Spiked Shoes and Heels – Both spiked shoes and pointed heels can damage the surface of the hardwood flooring because of their pointed Remove your spiked shoes and heels before walking on the hardwood to avoid dents.
  • Groom your pets – If you have pets in your house, you may need to be more attentive towards their nail trimmings. Some dogs’ nails can cause minor scratching to the flooring especially larger dogs that have more significant weight being put on their toes.
  • Wipe Up Spills – In case of any spills on the hardwood, wipe it immediately with a soft, dampened cloth to avoid any moisture or finish damage to your
  • Use Approved Cleaners – Start by using a microfiber cloth and/or vacuum to clean the dust and debris from the Then clean using the approved spray cleaner and cloth for your flooring. If you use a cleaner that is not appropriate for your flooring, then you could irrevocably damage the finish to your floor.

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