5 Simple Ways to Keep Floors Clean This Winter

Maintaining floors during winter can be a challenge. Whether you have carpet, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood wood flooring, slush, rain, and mud during winter can get dragged into the house. To ensure things do not get out of hand, here...
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Should You Put Carpet on Stairs?

Homeowners have to make a lot of decisions while building or remodeling their homes. Layout, paint color, materials, and décor are just a few of all things that you need to consider. A lot of homeowners face issues like what...
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Flooring Companies: Your Guide for Flooring Needs

The top flooring companies in Rohnert Park are always ready to help their customers in selecting the right flooring material. We at Rugworks, are extremely dedicated to supporting our customers from start to finish. When you come to Rugworks you can expect us...
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Looking to Buy Laminate Flooring? Here Are Some Tips

Laminate flooring is the perfect alternative for expensive hardwood especially if you live in a busy household. Laminate can instantly transform the interior space of your house without breaking the bank. Before you make a decision to install laminate flooring,...
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