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Can You Install a Carpet Over an Existing Flooring?

Your floor affects the aesthetic appeal and indoor air quality of your home. Dust and dirt can accumulate on flooring over time and a dust-laden floor does not just look unsightly, it can also harbor disease-causing germs.

Maintaining a floor can be tedious work. Installing a carpet over your existing flooring will simplify maintenance. Not only will a carpet keep your floor dust-free, it will prevent unsightly scuff marks and scratches, adding years to its useful life.

Carpet can be installed over several different types of flooring, including solid hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. There is a wide range of benefits to carpet. It provides actual thermal insulation and resistance, is easier and faster to install, and can absorb unwanted noises.

One of the factors that will affect your carpet’s performance and service life is the quality of installation. Poor installation can also contribute to or cause damage to your flooring.

Here are some carpet installation tips.

Empty The Room  

Move all items such as furniture, decor, linens, art pieces, and electronics out of the room. Check with your flooring contractor if they could handle the heavy lifting for you. Before the team starts moving items, tell your contractor what goes where to avoid damage and time loss. Make sure adequate steps are taken to prevent damage while moving furniture and other heavy items.

Emptying the room will accomplish several things:

  • Prevent dust produced during the installation process from settling on the items in it
  • Prevent damage to the items
  • Free up space to help the installation process go smoothly

Prepare the Area

The installation site should be isolated from the rest of the home. Finish all wet processes before installing carpet. Cover the entryways and vents to contain dust and dirt. Remove all electric wires running under the carpet or along with door casings. Prior to installation day, make sure that your HVAC system is working properly.

Create a Path

Map out the pathways the workers will most likely take when walking between the installation site and their truck. Lay down drop cloths, old towels, or cardboard on the path to catch the dirt and dust generated during the process. Move furniture and other items that can slow the team down or can create a safety hazard when carrying heavy items from the path.

Protect Items in the Adjacent Room 

Cover furniture, art pieces, musical instruments, and other fragile or valuable items in the room next to the installation with a sheet or drop cloth. If the kitchen is located next to the installation site, move any food to your refrigerator or a cupboard. Rugworks is the leading carpet company in Sonoma County. Installing a new carpet or replacing an existing one can be a complicated process. We will handle your flooring project from start to finish so you can make time for the work that matters. To make an appointment, call (707) 935-0648.

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