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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Floors in a Kitchen

Wood floors can pull together your kitchen remodel perfectly giving the area a warm, homey feel compared to tile or vinyl.

Here are the pros and cons of wood flooring for kitchens.

Pros of Wood floors in Kitchens:

There are numerous species and many style options available in wood flooring, and they are all naturally beautiful.  Whether your style is Contemporary, Old World or somewhere in between, there is a design to fit your style

With today’s open concept homes many people use wood floors throughout, being able to use the same floor in the kitchen as through all living areas gives your home a better flow.

Wood floors also last a long time and add value to your home. They are also easy to maintain, just a vacuum or dust mop and a microfiber mop with a good wood cleaner. Just follow the instructions from the manufacturer, and your wood floors will look beautiful for many years

Hardwood floors are warmer and easier on your feet and back compared with stone and ceramic tile, especially when you are standing all day cooking a family meal.  Most wood flooring is more affordable than tile and can be competitive with waterproof wood plank, when cost of materials and installation is considered.

Cons of Wood Floors in Kitchens:

While wood floors are beautiful, they can succumb to water damage.  Water and wood are not the best companions and as such are never recommended in a bathroom or basement. However, with proper maintenance and keeping an eye out for the first signs of water damage and reacting quickly can save you heartache down the road and keep your floor looking good for a long time.

While they will last indefinitely, wood floors should be screened and recoated every 5-10 years for moisture protection and to keep the finish from wearing too much. If you do this regularly as described, you can save yourself a costly sand and finish project or worse full replacement.

Here is a list of things to look for when considering hardwood for the kitchen:

To protect against scratches and dents, use hardwood in the kitchen that has a high Hardness rating. The best domestic woods are hickory, hard maple, and white oak.  Imports to consider are Brazilian walnut, Santos Mahogany and Brazilian Cherry.  Avoid pine and other coniferous woods due to their softness and water absorption. Choose a hardwood flooring product with a lot of character, so accumulated dings and scratches will not stand out. This will delay the need for refinishing.

Put pads on the bottom of chair and table legs to prevent dents and scratches; pick up and move rather than drag heavy items.

Clean up spills promptly.  Try to avoid creating problems like having the dogs water bowl on the wood floor.  If there is no place else to put it, make sure to have something absorbent and change out regularly to keep water from ruining your floor.

Do not allow wet shoes or an umbrella to sit on hardwood.

Never use a steam cleaner on hardwood, regardless of what the ads on TV say.  These products force moisture into the joints between planks and can ruin your floor.

Shut off the water, call a plumber and your hardwood flooring specialist immediately if you discover a leaking pipe or a refrigerator or dishwasher that is wetting the flooring.

Choose an engineered wood floor versus a solid wood. They are more dimensionally stable and allow you more design options. Plus, they hold up better to moisture and even though many of them cannot be sanded and refinished, they can still be screened and recoated to maintain their appearance.

Still not sure if hardwood floors are right for your kitchen? Call the professionals at Rugworksa local hardwood flooring company in Santa Rosa. Their flooring experts can make you go through the features and benefits, and ensure you are making the right choice. To discuss your flooring project, call (707) 935-0648 in Sonoma or (707) 584-7847 in Rohnert Park.

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