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5 Ways To Protect Hardwood Flooring

The timeless elegance of hardwood, its durability, and superior resistance are several of the reasons why millions of homeowners around the world choose hardwood flooring for their homes.

Similar to every other flooring option, hardwood floors need regular care and maintenance. Regular maintenance will prevent flooring-related problems, maintain the natural sheen of your hardwood floor, and add years to its service life.

Maintaining hardwood flooring in Rohnert Park is not as difficult as many people think. Just do the simple things right, and you will do well.

Here are some tips to maintain hardwood flooring from the team at Rugworks.

Clean Up Spills as Soon as Possible

Unlike vinyl and tile, hardwood is not waterproof. Allowing stains to sit on your floor could prove to be a costly mistake. Not only will stains make your floor look unsightly, but they can also cause serious damage. 

To prevent damage to your hardwood floor, clean spills immediately after they occur. Use a dry or damp cloth to wipe up anything that you may spill. Avoid using wet or hot mops as they have the potential to cause more damage over time.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

Even if you have a no-shoes rule in your home, dust can settle in the grain or between floorboards of your hardwood floor. To minimize dust build-up, sweep your floors regularly. To prevent any crumbs and dirt you missed while sweeping from scratching your floors, vacuum once every week.

Use Furniture Pads 

Removing scratches from a hardwood floor can prove to be an uphill struggle. The good news is that most scratches on hardwood floors are preventable. All you need to do is add furniture pads to the legs of your furniture including sofas, tables, and chairs.

Refinish Every 3-5 Years

Over time, hardwood floors can lose their natural shine and gloss and begin to look dull. Refinishing your hardwood floors every 3-5 years will keep them looking great for a long time. Refinishing involves applying a new coat of wood floor finish. When determining the interval of refinishing your hardwood floors, consider your lifestyle and other environmental factors.

Maintain Ideal Indoor Humidity 

Humidity and moisture are the biggest enemies of hardwood floors. Hardwood expands and contracts depending on moisture on the floor and in the air. Keeping your home temperature between 60-80 degrees F and humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent will prevent gapping, splitting, and cupping of the wood. Rugworks is a top-rated flooring company in Rohnert Park. We work alongside our customers to help transform their homes. Our custom flooring products and solutions are held to high quality standards. To learn more, call us at (707) 584-7847.

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