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5 Pro Tips to Keep Your Laminate Floors Looking Beautiful For 10 Years

Laminate flooring is the new rage in town. Laminate floor is made of several materials bonded together under extremely high pressure. A typical laminate flooring consists of a moisture-resistant layer carefully placed under an HDF layer with a high-resolution photographic image of natural wood flooring sitting over it. The finish used on laminate floorings is a tough, clear coating made from resin-coated cellulose.

From superior scratch resistance to ease of installation, there are several benefits of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring, just like any other type of flooring, requires regular maintenance. With time, laminate flooring can lose its natural shine and luster, making the area look dull and uninspiring.

Here are some tips to prevent this from happening, and ensuring that your laminate flooring looks stunning for years to come.

Learn the Correct Way of Cleaning Your Flooring

Always remember the most important rule of laminate floor cleaning – Broom first. Then mop. Use a broom with soft bristles to clean your laminate flooring. If you have pets at home, use a lightweight vacuum cleaner with superior suction capacity to clean pet hair and dander. After removing pet hair, thoroughly mop your floor. To prevent water spots, avoid using excessive water.

Clean Spills Before They Dry

A dried spill can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Plus, you can end up scratching the protective layer of your floor when dealing with a stain. Use a soft damp cloth to clean food spills as soon as they occur. Wipe oil or paint spills with an acetone remover, and then immediately clean the spot with a soft damp cloth. For stubborn stains, call a laminate flooring expert near you.

Use Water in Moderation

Though water does not have any harmful chemicals, remember, you can have too much of a good thing. Using excess water to clean your laminate flooring is the last thing you want to do, as water can seep in between panels causing structural damage. To steer clear of this problem, use a damp (not wet) cloth for cleaning.

Have Your Flooring Deep-Cleaned Annually  

Hazing and film build-up is something you cannot prevent, even if you regularly clean your laminate floor. To keep your laminate floor shining, have it deep-cleaned annually. During a deep cleaning session, the flooring expert will remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas such as the place where the skirting profile is attached to the wall.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals and Abrasive

Avoid using scrub pads, chemical-based cleaners as well as those with a soap or detergent base, and steel-wool scrubs for cleaning as they can damage the coating of your laminate floor. While you can use a laminate floor repair paste to treat scratches, never wax or polish the surface.

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