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5 Hardwood Finishes That Will Look Amazing on Your Floor

5 Hardwood Finishes That Will Look Amazing on Your Floor

If you are searching for hardwood flooring near me, one thing to consider is the type of finish you’d like to have. The finish on the hardwood does a lot more than just give you a matte or gloss appearance, it adds to the durability of the hardwood. It also dictates the care and maintenance you will be required to do with your new floors.

(Capitalize) hardwood flooring options are one of the most vast in the market place so knowing the difference between your options will help you to narrow down your choices. This can make the process of picking new hardwood flooring a bit less overwhelming.

Popular Hardwood Finishes

Here are 5 popular hardwood finishes that are most commonly used today:

1.  Urethane

Urethane is one of the most popular surface finishes used for hardwood flooring today. It adds to the durability of the hardwood against scratching and staining but does not require reapplication in the lifetime of the floor. They are also available in everything from a high gloss to a matte appearance. The easy care and low maintenance of this finish is what makes it so popular.

2.  Aluminum Oxide

Often used in conjunction with urethane finish, aluminum oxide crystals add superior scratch resistance and an additional seal to hardwood floors. It is great for high traffic and well lived in areas of the home.

3.  Traditional Oil

Traditional oil finishes are applied after the installation of the flooring and reapplied every 6 months to a year depending on the amount of wear and tear on the floor. Scratches and repairs are easily done with the oil touch up kits or fade when the oil is reapplied. A lot of customers do not like the amount of maintenance required with the reapplication of the oil.

4.  UV Cured Oil

This finish is becoming more and more popular on today’s hardwood collections. The oil finish is exposed to an ultra violet (UV) light that causes the oil to penetrate deeper into the wood creating a deeper, more consistent finish on the hardwood. It is longer lasting and therefore requires less maintenance than a traditional oil floor.

5.  Sand and Finish

The original installation method of hardwood floors is the sand and finish. The hardwood is installed first and after installation it is sanded, stained, and finished with a top coat. This process allows the floors to be stained any color you desire and allows for the application of which finish you’d prefer but it is a more time consuming and messy process than the factory finished mentioned previously. The finish is also not as strong as the factory pre-finished products.

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