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4 Things to Do Before Commercial Carpet Installation

Want to give your office or business a makeover? Consider working with a company that has experience installing carpets in a commercial setting. Commercial carpets are designed to stand up to wear and tear and can last up to 15 years or more.

They absorb noise, provide a soft surface underneath, and prevent slips, trips, or falls. Commercial carpets manufactured these days are one of the lowest volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitting flooring choices available and ensure your employees work in a safe, productive environment.

Commercial carpet installation can be a huge undertaking. Before installing the carpet, identify the factors at play and come up with a plan to manage them. If you foresee any challenges, develop a plan of action to overcome them.

Here is a list of the top four things that commercial carpet installers in Sonoma County recommend to do before having new carpet installed.

Talk to Your Installer

Different carpet Installation companies offer different services. Some companies remove all of the furniture in the designated installation areas, while others want the rooms to be empty when they arrive. After you hire a professional, do not assume anything and call them to discuss the tasks that they will perform. Rugworks is a flooring company with years of experience installing in commercial and residential locations. We work with our customers and deliver realistic expectations to provide a seamless experience.

Move Your Furniture

If the installer does not move furniture, you will have to perform the task yourself. Even if your installer moves furniture, consider moving the items in your rooms yourself so the installation team can start with carpet installation right away after arriving. This is a great way to speed up your installation project and cut installation costs.

Here are some furniture moving tips:

  • Move any bulky furniture
  • Hook large chairs around corners.
  • Use furniture carrying straps. Place sliders under the corners of your furniture
  • To protect furniture from scratches and damage, cover them with blankets and plastic
  • Consider using ramps to maneuver heavy items

Remove Wall Decor

When installing carpets, it is easy to forget about wall decor. After all, it’s on the walls and not the floor. There is no guarantee that your wall decor won’t get damaged during commercial carpet installation. Dirt and dust produced during the process can settle on your wall decor, and your walls may turn into an eyesore. It’s a good idea to remove wall decor and any wall hangings that can get knocked down during the installation process.

Determine If the New Carpet Will Rub Against Door Bottoms

Usually, new carpets and padding are thicker than the existing carpet. The extra thickness can cause the new carpet to rub against door bottoms. To prevent damage to your new carpet, measure the clearance under your doors. If a door is going to hit the new carpet, have its bottom trimmed.

Rugworks is a reputable Sonoma County flooring company. Our ability to develop customized flooring solutions for both homeowners and businesses sets us apart. To schedule an appointment with a flooring expert, call (707) 935-0648.

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