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3 Tips for Buying Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are a versatile and stylish option for your home. Not only do they have realistic wood visuals, but are extremely durable as well. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Making a switch to laminate flooring gives you a chance to choose from a variety of trends and styles, and find the perfect look for your home at a price that can fit within your budget. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for laminate flooring near your location.

Use the Internet: A good place to begin your search is online. It’s a great place to look for designs and styles that appeal to you. You may also use remodeling forums for suggestions from other homeowners. Once you have shortlisted a few products that you love, you can look it up further on the manufacturers website to see reviews on the product from real people who have invested in them.

Ask for an Estimate: Once you have selected the store and picked the style and design you plan to buy then, request a salesperson to come measure your home to give you more exact pricing on the entire scope of the job. Laminate flooring is more involved in the details of the installation so you may get a total price that surprises you. Laminate has an impressive array of price points available so do not hesitate to ask for alternatives rather than settling for the price offered at the first instance if it doesn’t fit your budget. By choosing to work with Rugworks, you are provided with a free in home estimate as opposed to paying for it upfront which often happens with big box stores.

Take Samples Home: Many homeowners are confident and think they know exactly what they want based off pictures they’ve seen online or flooring they’ve seen in someone else’s space. This leads them to make a purchase and feel disappointed on the day the laminates are installed. Often they face unexpected colors, plank variation, and overall style. Laminate is made to look like real wood and therefore will have a certain amount variation from on board to another. This can often make it or break it when it comes to how much variation you can tolerate. To avoid such disappointments, we recommend taking home samples. You will need to view the sample in both artificial as well as natural lighting in your home to make sure that you’ll love the laminate anytime of day. You will also want to compare it with any existing flooring that isn’t being removed and your décor that will remain in the space. This will help you make a fully informed decision and avoid any unexpected surprises at the time of installation.

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